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James Murray

Mr. Murray's Class of History, Culture, and Awesome
Jimmy Murray
6th Grade Social Studies
Phone: (512) 943-5090 ext. 6938
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About Me:

I was born and grew up in the Clear Lake area of Houston, right by Johnson Space Center. I got my undergraduate in English Literature (yay books!) from Texas A&M (class of 2003 - WHOOP), and then moved to Austin to work on my Masters in Film Studies. I ended up staying in the Austin area to work as a software developer for a group of legal companies in Austin... but helping attorneys more effeciently incoporate legal entities was perhaps even more soul crushing and less fulfilling that it sounds.

So... I ended up moving to China. I had never really travelled or lived abroad, so I took the chance to move to China to teach English. I taught students of all ages: from four year olds to middle school students to college kids to middle aged businessmen. Teaching made me feel fulfilled in a way I'd never experienced in any other job, so when I moved back to the United States I went to school at night to get my teaching certification. I've been working as a teacher in Georgetown for more than a decade now, and it's been a pretty amazing ride!

Even more than being a teacher, I'm defined by being a parent: I'm a single dad with two amazing kids, and being a father is far and away the best, most meaningful, and most important thing I will ever do.

Thanks for taking a few moments to read my story. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email!