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Grant Cain

Mr. Grant Cain - 7th Math

Mr. Cain has been in the education realm for 8 years now.  After spending four years in banking, he discovered his long-dorment love of teaching and received his certification through Texas Teachers shortly after.  Having taught in Austin and Round Rock, he is excited to be back in Georgetown, where he went to school at Southwestern University, majoring in Psychology and Communications Studies.  Mr. Cain leads the Benold Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society and likes to write about himself in the 3rd person.

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Instagram: @cainatschool


1st Period: Conference 

2nd Period: 7th Grade Math

3rd Period: Content Planning


4th Period: 8th Accelerated Math

5th Period: 7th Grade Math

6th Period: 8th Accelerated Math

7th Period: Advisory

8th Period: 8th Accelerated Math

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