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Physical Education/Pre-Athletics


Physical Education and Pre-Athletics

Pre-Athletics Syllabus

PE Syllabus

Physical Education:

I'm excited for this school year!

We will have a lot of fun in PE, learning the fundamentals of volleyball, badminton, flag football, soccer, basketball, tennis, track, and more!  In Pre-Athletics, we will introduce the sports that are offered in Benold Athletics and begin conditioning and workouts that are comparable to the ones our athletes do.

My grades are based on dressing out and participation/effort, not athletic ability.  I want to see my students do their best and be active in order to live an active and healthy life!


Pre-Athletics is fun and challening.  We will teach the fundamentals of each of the sports we offer in Athletics as well as work on our conditioning, agility, and strength.  With effort and a positive attitude, you will finish the school year amazed at how far you've come!

Grading Policy

60% - Dressing out in PE Uniform

40% - Effort and Participation


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