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Policies and Procedures

All school policies will be enforced in this class.

 Hall Passes?

  • Passes will be given at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Do not request a pass to see a guidance counselor. (Guidance will send passes for scheduled meetings, and they can be scheduled during lunch/before or after school)
  • Passes will NOT be given during the first 10 minutes or last 10 minutes of class


Entering the room?

  • You are to come prepared for class and ready to work.  Paper, sharpened pencils/pen, etc. should be brought to class each day, unless you are instructed to do otherwise by the teacher.
  • Enter the room quietly and calmly before the bell.
  • Students who are tardy must follow the tardy procedures outlined in the student handbook.
  • Get all materials from the table as you enter the room before going to your seat


Throwing things away?

  • You don’t have to ask.
  • Please do not get up while anyone is talking to throw trash away or sharpen your pencil
  • Please do not throw things across the room.


Sharpening your pencil?

  • Please make sure you have sharpened your pencils before the start of class.
  • If the teacher or other students are talking to the class, please wait until they are finished.


Eating and drinking in class?

  • The only drink permitted in class is a bottle of water it and must be kept away from computers when they are in the room. This is a privilege! If the privilege is abused, it will be taken away.


Participation in Class?

  • Student participation is highly encouraged just by the way I teach the class….
  • Respect teachers and classmates ideas during group work. Do Not make derogatory comments for ANY REASON.


Computer Use?

  • Computer & Internet activity is for class work ONLY.


 Cell Phone us in class?

  • Cell phones will be permitted for some assignments – however to simply be texting or playing games on your phone is not

       allowed.  Phones will be taken up and the student handbook policy will be enforced for improper use of the phone.


Leaving class?

  • A pet peeve of the teacher is lining up at the door before the bell rings. If class has finished, you are to remain in your seat until the bell rings.  No lining up at the door to wait for the bell to ring.  Use any extra time at the end of class to learn something new about one of your classmates.  A launch from one of the students or teacher will dismiss the class, not the bell.


Other Pet Peeves?

  • Talking when other people are saying something
  • Students not completing their part of an assignment
  • Rude, obnoxious students