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6TH Grade Pre-Athletics

Benold Middle School

6th Grade Girls Pre-Athletics





Overview- This course is a must for any student wishing to become involved in athletics during their career in GISD schools.  The main focus of the Pre-Athletics program is to provide students with a preview of upcoming UIL sports in which they will be eligible to participate as 7th graders and to prepare them for the expectations associated with all aspects of GISD athletics.


In addition, we will be promoting a high standard of excellence and achievement both in the classroom and on the field of play.  We expect our student athletes to conduct themselves as positive role models and be the best, well behaved students in our school.  Students will also be introduced to concepts of UIL academic requirements and how they affect extracurricular participation.  By introducing these concepts early, we feel that our student athletes will see future rewards as they pursue both their academic and athletic goals and dreams.


Pre-Athletics will consist of the following, and will be tested throughout the year for improvement:


     Speed, agility, and weights (two days per week)

  • Weight lifting
    • Introduced using PVC bars and then light plates.
    • Bench press, deadlift, hang clean, squat, and a number of other auxiliary lifts
  • Form run and quick twitch program introduced
  • Dynamic movements
  • Agility
  • Explosive movement
  • Flexibility
  • Body control


     Skills (three days per week)              

  • Volleyball – passing, setting, hitting, serving
  • Basketball – dribbling, shooting, passing
  • Soccer – dribbling, shooting, passing
  • Track – hurdles, relays, field events, running
  • Tennis – forehand and backhand, serving


Desired outcomes

  • Enroll in athletics in 7th grade and be able to demonstrate a higher level of skill and performance.
  • Easy transition into the Strength and Conditioning program offered in the summer.
  • Improvement in speed, strength, and conditioning.
  • Knowledge of basic rules, fundamentals, skills, techniques, and schemes for each sport.


Students will learn the components of a successful athletic program:

  1. Learn to commit.
  2. Learn to work.
  3. Learn to compete.
  4. Learn to finish/win.
  5. Learn self-discipline.
  6. Learn to accept coaching.
  7. Learn to be part of a team.
  8. Learn to overcome adversity, develop growth mindset/grit.
  9. Leadership skills.
  10. Pride in school.

Uniforms- Each student will need to purchase a workout uniform through the BMS Boys or Girls Physical Education Departments.  This uniform consists of an Eagle PE shirt (with last name written on front and back) and a pair of royal blue shorts (with a 6 inch inseam)…Uniforms may be purchased for $24 during the first week of school. In addition, your child will need tennis shoes (shoes that have laces, are tied and are unmarking) and socks each day.  Lockers and locks are provided.


Pre-Athletics Requirements, Rules and Procedures:

  1. Student should have a desire to participate in GISD athletics as a 7th
  2. Students must be in the dressing room by the tardy bell.
  3. Students must go directly to the locker room. Do not horse play or socialize in the hallway.
  4. Students have 5 minutes after the bell to be dressed. Dress out for class EVERYDAY!
  5. There will be NO HORSE PLAY, OR FIGHTING in the locker room or other PE/Athletic facilities. Fighting will result in an immediate referral to the principal’s office.
  6. No jewelry can be worn during class- Safety Issue
  7. When two whistles are blown consecutively during class, everyone must stop the activity and talking immediately. Please listen for further instruction from the coach.
  8. Courtesy and respect will be shown for classmates and adults at all times.
  9. All district and school rules, regulations and policies will be followed.
  10. Personal items must be locked in the provided lockers. Theft is an immediate office referral and will result in BIC.


Pre- Athletic Grading Policy:

60% of total grade: Dressed out in PE Uniform

40% of total grade: Participation/ Skills Assessments



Students will be assigned a locker and a combination lock for their clothes.  The combination lock must be returned at the end of the course.  If the lock is lost, the student must pay a $5.00 fineIt is a student’s responsibility to secure their belongings in their lockers!



Personal electronic devices will not be used during the Pre-Athletics class.  We would prefer students not bring devices into the locker room.  If a student must bring in their device, then it must be turned off, not visible, and it is the student’s responsibility to secure it in their locker.  The coaching staff and school are not responsible for items left unlocked.


Excuse from Pre-Athletics Participation

For a student to be excused from participation he/she must bring a note from their parent/guardian stating why activity should be limited or avoided.  Their excuse will be honored for a maximum of 3 days if requested.  Anything over 3 days will require a doctor’s excuse (the number of days, maximum of three, must be stated on note).  THE STUDENT MUST STILL DRESS OUT EVEN THOUGH AN EXCUSED NOTE IS PROVIDED.  An alternate assignment will be provided.

The note must include:

Student’s Name

Date or dates to be excused


Phone Number

Parent, guardian or physician’s signature


We are looking forward to a wonderful year!  Please feel free to contact us for any reason.


Elizabeth Graham                Lauren Sikes         

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