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Katy Dane

Director - Prelude, Philharmonic, Symphony Orchestra
Asst. Director - Varsity Treble Choir & Mixed Choir

6th, 7th, 8th grade
Phone: 943-5090 x.6988
Conference Period: 11:30am-12:15pm, Monday through Friday


UIL Orchestras - Clinician Ms. Mary Powers - Monday & Tuesday, Feb. 26 & 27th

UIL Orchestras - Concert & Sight Reading Evaluation:

Philharmonic - Tuesday March 5th, 7am-1:30pm

Symphony - Wednesday March 6th, 7am-1:30pm

Spring Concert (Required) - Wednesday March 20th, 6:30-7:30pm, All Orchestras at BMS Stage & Cafeteria

Austin Symphony Orchestra Trip - Friday April 12 4pm-10:30pm

Solo & Ensemble Contest (Required)  - Saturday April 13 8am-3pm

Concerts are required attendance & performances for each orchestra student. Each concert has a "Call time" or report time where each student must be present for tuning, warm up and dress rehearsals that occur immediately before the concert. Two grades are given on these performance nights, one for the call time/dress rehearsal and one for the performance. Concerts are free & open to the public for family and friends to attend.


Volunteer to Chaperone in 2023-2024: Complete Form  



2023-24 ORCHESTRA STUDENTS - Benold Orchestra

Welcome to the Benold Orchestra! Students interested in joining should contact Ms Dane. In Orchestra, we have Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass and piano (max 3 students with previous experience). Each instrument comes in a variety of sizes, just like shoes! As you grow, you'll be able to exchange your instrument for the next size up. To decide, listen to the sound of the instrument,  explore videos and recordings online, and come to our Open House or Try-Out Day and we'll find the instrument that you love in a size that fits you!  

  • If you have not yet chosen your instrument for Orchestra, are new to Benold MS from another school or have recently moved to GISD, please call or email Miss Dane to set up an appointment for an orientation (beginners) or an audition (upper levels)
  • Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass rentals will be available for rental only if we have the size to accommodate you.  The total cost is $100 for the school year and does not include any insurance or maintenance on the instrument.
  • First payment is $20 with the form completed and upon pick up, remaining payments are made in November and February at $40 each.
Can you do Sports and Orchestra throughout the year? Yes! Nearly 70% of our Orchestra students also play a sport at Benold or compete on teams outside of school. We haven't had any conflicts with any game days, and the coaches and teachers always work together if there are any conflicts that come up with practices. It's rare there's a conflict, but the few required concerts we have that are in the evenings you will have 2-6 months notice before they come up and the coaches and teachers work really well together in order to help you be able to be where you are needed for BOTH your sports team and your musical team!
How many years of experience do I need in order to join the Benold Orchestra? More than 90% of the kids that join their first year have never touched a String instrument before joinging orchestra. Beginning Orchestra (Prelude) starts from day one and welcomes ALL Benold students no matter what grade or experience level. We learn the parts of the instrument, how to hold it, how to play it, and how to begin playing songs for concerts. If you are an incoming student and have taken private lessons before, or are coming from another school where you took Orchestra, contact Ms. Dane via email to set up an audition. This will help get you placed into the right level Orchestra to have a successful and fun school year! 
Can you do 2 Fine Arts classes, like Choir/Orchestra, Band/Orchestra, Theater/Orchestra, Art/Orchestra? Yes! Just remember when you are in two performing groups, you will also need to practice both of those instruments and attend all required performances. Often times, students who are involved in multiple fine arts or a combination of fine arts and sports are multi-talented, but this requires a student and their family to be very organized and responsible because of the additional events and performances. Many students in fine arts and athletics shine because of their ability to apply themeselves, be prepared, and to retain what we learn. But is does take regular practice and a committment from all involved!
What else do we do in Orchestra? After school parties, field trips to Georgetown HS, Pinstack bowling & laser tag, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Pizza parties and DOUGHNUT DAY following every concert! This year we are hoping to see the Austin Symphony! 




Volunteer to Chaperone in 2023-2024: Complete Form


Book to Purchase: $8.50-$9.50/each

1st year players: Measures of Success, Book 1

2nd & 3rd year players: Measures of Success, Book 2


Medical Release Permission Form for 2023-24 Orchestra Trips

Medical Form linked here: English or Spanish


Instruments for 2023-24!

NEW ORCHESTRA STUDENTS - CHOOSE your instrument and get SIZED in the Benold Orchestra Room.

Contact Miss Dane ( to make your choice! Instrument Rental, Sizing, and Class Information will be available to all new students & families.


Rental form linked here: English or Spanish 

Form must be completed with 1st payment at Instrument pick up

Rental Payment Schedule: 1st payment ($20) due in August, 2nd payment ($40) due in November, 3rd payment ($40) due in March. Pay everything online!