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Grading Policy

Orchestra Grading Policy


  • Required:
    • Concerts
    • Dress Rehearsals
    • Call Times/Rehearsals immediately before concerts begin
    • Combined Eagle Time Rehearsals leading up to concerts
      • The only opportunities to make up/redo any of the above listed items are due to a severe illness, death in the family, fever, COVID, flu. Communications regarding the emergency must be shared directly to Miss Dane via email or phone from the student and/or student's family/guardian prior to the start of the concert.
  • Assignments:
    • Due on due date
    • If turned in late, Benold school grading policy applies (see image below, determined by grade level)
      • This late policy goes into affect the 2nd nine weeks through the end of the 2023-24 school year. It is a late policy that was created and implemented by our Benold Teaching & Learning team.
  • Retakes:
    • If an assignment, written test or quiz is turned in and the score is less than 70%, students will have two chances to retake for a higher score.
      • The first opportunity will be the day they get the score returned to them on the paper in class during class time. They have the option to retest/retake/redo on the same day.
      • The second option is the next school day the student is present, they have an option to retest/retake/redo on the next time the class meets.
      • No additional days/attempts can be make after that date.
    • The maximum score you can receive on a retest/retake/redo is a 70%.