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University Interscholastic League (UIL)

UIL is the governing body for all athletic competitions in the state of Texas as well as all music contests and all ACADEMIC competitions. GISD previously competed in the Academic contests only at the high school level. The success of the elementary pilot program at various GISD schools in 2006-2007 helped to expand the program to all three middle schools. With the support of the PTA, The After School Action Program, and GeorgetownISD this program has had continued success. UIL Club is an excellent way to prepare our students for district competition. This program is offered to ALL 6th, 7th and 8th graders this year. There is no charge for participation in the UIL. Students who wish to participate can choose from one of the following categories.                    

1.      Spelling- improves your vocabulary
2.      Ready Writing- learn how to write an essay
3.      Number Sense-perform quick math calculations
4.      Oral Reading-gain excellent speaking skills
5.      Art

This is an excellent opportunity for your child to be further challenged and be included in something they can participate in and compete with students in other districts through high school.  Please contact our reception bubble staff at 512-943-5090 for more information.